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Anatolian Spicing Re-imagined with Panache by Amy Munice

"Three years ago a culinary event happened in Urgup, Cappadoca. That was when 25-year veteran of the Istanbul restaurant scene, Muhittin Uklu, nicknamed Muti, decided to open his eponymous restaurant amidst the spice shops of the town's more commercial strip.

Entering through a tunnel that takes you far from the clamor of the street, you find yourself in a spacious patio bounded on the far side by a cave wall with the three other walls from surrounding buildings, two of which are indoor seating at the restaurant and its kitchen.

You feel immediately that you have arrived in a special place---at once a hideaway gem and an open-air theater. Music softly comes from the speakers, the mix chosen by Muti himself and emphasizing contemporary popular songs with Gregorian chant like orchestrations..."

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